The CAV 101 National Roadshow Seminars: Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Essentials for Small Towns and Satellite Cities


Enhanced cellular connectivity, the rapid uptake of electric vehicles globally, ever-improving ADAS functionality, and the slow but inevitable maturing of autonomous technologies, all mean that in the next decade autonomous and near-autonomous technologies will become standard in all types of new vehicles - from robo-taxis to town shuttles, in private cars and delivery vehicles.


As this digital transportation economy evolves, planners, town managers, engineers, mayors and city council members – particularly in smaller cities, towns and rural communities – are increasingly eager to understand what they need to be doing in the next decade in order to prepare for the changes these emerging technologies will bring:

  • Municipalities need to rethink many aspects of their traditional built infrastructure (curb pick-up and drop-off, parking, electrical recharging facilities, pedestrian and bicycle access, dedicated AV lanes, etc.);
  • They also need to establish new policies on ownership, procurement, pricing, public safety, disabled access, and data collection analysis and use, and consider changes to zoning and right-of-way policies for poles, wires, sensors and towers;
  • Many municipalities will want to coordinate multi-modal services with their public transit system, and in time, provide an integrated trip planning, booking and payment platform;
  • And to be effective, municipalities will want to coordinate and integrate these various technologies in a way that produces an efficient, shared, community-wide data sharing infrastructure through Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) or Demand Responsive Digital Transport platforms

Join regional colleagues and state and national experts to explore key aspects of the Autonomous Vehicle Economy and the infrastructure and policy changes that satellite cities, small towns and rural communities need to make in order to take advantage of electrification and self-driving technologies. 


                                             Who Should Attend?  


The CAV Update is specifically designed for: 

  • Planners and Economic Development officers
  • Town Managers, Financial Officers and Administrators
  • Mayors and County Supervisors
  •       Community Development Directors and City Engineers
  •       Communications/Public Affairs Directors
  •       Information Technology Directors
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) members
…from "Micropolitan" satellite cities, towns and rural communities. 


What Infrastructure and Policy Changes Will Help Make Your Town "AV Friendly"?